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      Lady Wyndover smiled on him.Lord Norman laughed approvingly.

      Two or three men scrambled down and were instantly surrounded, but the coachman did not move for a minute; then he turned to some one on the seat behind him and said something.

      Why shouldnt he? inquired Esmeralda. He doesnt dance, and he seems to like talking. He has been telling me who some of the people are. Who is he?

      And you, of course? said Trafford.

      Esmeralda did not understand in the least. An ordinary girl, brought up in London society, would have grasped the whole thing and known that she was being married for her money. But Esmeralda was not only innocent but, measuring the marquis by her own standard, would have deemed him incapable of anything ignoble.

      She looked at him thoughtfully.


      Where is Esmeralda? he asked.


      There goes the best man weve got on show in these[309] parts. The gentleman to whom he spoke turned a somewhat pale and weary face to the coachman.She shook her head.


      Esmeralda, he said, very gently, very fearfully, as if he were afraid that the sound of his voice might frighten and trouble her. Have I startled you? Mother Melinda said I might come. I have been waiting all this weary timebut I will go again if you wish it, if you are not strong enough to see me.Hes a lord, said Esmeralda.