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      You must remember that you are writing to a Trustee of the John

      much what happens to the mother--she is such a jelly-fish.

      [114]rested and ready for another year of work. (That's what you ought

      `Thank the good Lord!' cried the mother, when she grasped the factand especially how to behave towards the kind gentleman who is doing

      abolished the ten o'clock rule. We can keep our lights all night

      The King regarded them with nearly, if not quite, as great affection as his legitimate children, and even tried, though in vain, to alter the laws of succession in their favour, and allow them to inherit the crown failing his lawful issue.I never told him about the orphan asylum, and I hated to explain


      and I'm surprised most of the time. It's a dizzying experience,


      At our feet were the two walls, the outer wall enclosing the palace, the gardens, the arena, where fights were given between elephants and tigers; the inner wall, ten metres high, built round the zenanathe women's palaceof which even the foundations have almost disappeared under the overwhelming vegetation.In one vast hall were ancient weapons, swords and pistols, enriched with precious stones; suits of armour damascened with gold, guns with silver stocks set with pearls, and a whole battery of field-pieces to be carried on camels' backs and spit out[Pg 237] tiny ballsenormously, absurdly long, still perched on their saddle-shaped carriages. And in a window bay two toy cannon made of gold and silver, with which Dhuleep Singh used to play as a child before he lost his realm.


      parceque je suis dans French class et j'ai peur que Monsieur le