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      The corridor was filled with watching eyes, Cadnan felt: but there were no masters in evidence. They stood for a second, waiting, and then Dara started down toward the big room at the end, her feet silent on the floor, and Cadnan followed her.


      "Who kept the rebel from gittin' back to the train and settin' it on fire, but me and Sandy Baker?" piped up little Pete Skidmore. "Who got lost, and nearly killed by a locomotive. Don't that count for nothin'?"

      "But s'pose he comes on you when your gun ain't loaded, and his sword is, or you've missed him, as I did that hog?"

      He secured a couple of negroes, at prices which would have paid for highly-skilled labor in Indiana, to roll up enough large stones to fill in the space under the crib, and then he filled all the crevices with smaller ones, and daubed over the whole with clay.

      Norma stood her ground in front of the desk. This, after all, was important "But, Dr. Haenlingen, we"


      "I am Cadnan,


      Dodd said: "I" and then stopped. He reached for the door, held it for a second without closing it, and then, briefly, shook his head. "You're going to die," he said in an even, almost inhuman tone. "You're both going to die. For trying to escape. And the whole of yourclan, or family, or whatever that isthey're going to die with you. All of them." It was coming out in a single rush: Dodd's eyes fluttered closed. "It's my fault. It's our fault. We did it. We...." "But Linden saw another light.


      "So did Shorty," added Si, determined that his partner should not lack full measure of recognition.